GRP in Medicine & Hygiene

Robust, hygienic surfaces for sterile rooms

Carbon and glass fibre-reinforced plastics are among the most state-of-the-art construction materials at an international level with optimum potential for innovation. LAMILUX specializes in fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) based on polyester and epoxy resin and, with its products, pioneers innovative product services in many dynamically growing markets. The composite material is used in various fields of application as a face sheet for sandwich panels or as panels. In the medical and hygiene sector, our composites are installed as interior wall cladding for rooms or vehicles, in doors, floors or as interior or exterior surfaces.

LAMILUX Composites in der Medizin - Hygiene und Ärzte im OP

Maximum hygiene thanks to germ-free surfaces

LAMILUX has worked with scientists and doctors to develop a highly effective antibacterial material. This can continuously improve hygiene standards in many areas of life and minimize risks. The fibre-reinforced plastic has a special nanosilver surface, which achieves an antibacterial effect. This means that germs on this surface die within a few hours.

LAMILUX AntiBac can be combined with all LAMILUX products. The material makes it possible to save unnecessary weight in ambulance vehicles and medical units and integrate additional properties such as stability, impact resistance and easy cleaning.

Fields of application in medicine & hygiene

For greater safety and hygiene

Hygiene is paramount, especially in operating theatres, other clinical facilities and areas of the food industry.
Our LAMILUX AntiBac product supports the respective applications in the following ways:

  • Kills over 99.9% of all bacteria within 24 hours (DIN ISO 22196 & JIS Z 2801)
  • Triple effect on bacteria of all types, including resistant strains
  • Harmless to humans and nature in accordance with OECD standards, as verified multiple times
  • Maximum safety and minimization of risks due to permanent disinfection at any point on the surface
  • Excellent strength/weight ratio
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Attractive exterior products with UV-resistant high-gloss surfaces

Clinical facilities and operating rooms

LAMILUX GRP in Medicine and hospital

Innovative LAMILUX AntiBac surfaces help prevent the spread of infections and germs in medical areas and save lives. In addition to naturally beneficial germs, there are numerous pathogenic germs that can have devastating consequences for the patient in the wrong place, e.g. in a wound. 

Clinics are therefore faced with the permanent challenge of containing or even preventing the occurrence of dangerous hospital germs through targeted hygienic preventive and acute measures. Over the largest areas of a hospital in particular, the walls and ceilings, LAMILUX AntiBac can ensure effective and permanent protection against pathogens and interrupt the chain of spread.

Food processing and storage

LAMILUX GRP in the food industry

Food processing must comply with high national or international standards. Particularly in animal housing, cleanliness and sterility are ensured by periodic cleaning, the most important weapon in the battle against bacteria. LAMILUX AntiBac scores highly here thanks to its non-porous, easy-clean and residue-free surface, which retains its antibacterial effect even under the toughest conditions.

Food safety and the harmlessness of the materials used are of great importance during storage. Many LAMILUX material qualities have therefore been tested for indirect contact with foodstuffs and the newly developed microsilver has been classified as absolutely harmless to humans and the environment.

TÜV-tested LAMILUX quality

Our continuous production process, which is controlled by highly qualified specialists, produces consistently high quality for you. As a European market leader, we have large production capacities and thus guarantee you supply reliability. In order to ensure our quality, LAMILUX is the world's first manufacturer of fibre-reinforced plastics to voluntarily have the majority of its laboratory and testing facilities tested and certified by TÜV Süd Germany. This means that we and our products have imposed the highest quality requirements.

The most important things at a glance

LAMILUX Composites

  • In thicknesses of 0.3 mm to 5.0 mm (product-dependent)
  • In widths up to 3.2 m
  • As panels up to 12 m or sheeting up to 300 m in length
  • Glass mats, Woven Roving or non crimp fabrics
  • Gelcoat layer for excellent UV and resistance to weathering, anti-slip coating
  • In a range of colours: RAL, NCS, translucent, dual colour, metallic or custom
  • Fibre structure, woven roving structure, high-gloss, matt, decor, dual colour
  • Smooth, corona-treated, roughened