Social Commitment

Sustainability and added social value

Even though the main purpose behind a company may be profit and all attention and energy is focused on achieving it, as a medium-sized family company firmly rooted in its region, LAMILUX sees itself as having a special responsibility towards society.

We therefore support and create projects which promote education in close collaboration with schools and universities, get involved with sports and social associations and institutions and are part of networks which promote the Upper Franconia region.

The principles of sustainability and added value for society play a key role in our social commitment.

Involvement in schools

Career guidance and practical insights

We offer all types of schools insights into the practices of an industrial company, such as through company visits, presentation skill training or project management.

Above all, education and career guidance for young people is a top priority for us. Therefore, we offer support in high-school P seminars through project work, offer workshops on key qualifications and learning strategies as well as provide training for applications and interviews. Become one of our project partners!

You can find more information on the seminars here.

Involvement in universities

Employment for the skilled workers and executives of our region

The maintenance and further development of our academic landscape is a major concern for LAMILUX. In particular, our senior management is personally involved in the transfer of knowledge and promotion of educational institutions because this is where the skilled workers and executives of tomorrow are being trained.

This is why we take part in numerous university fairs, lectures, company contact meetings and the mentoring programme at Hof University. We seek intensive dialogue with students and professors and combine this with an active sponsoring programme and on-site presence.

Involvement in Sports

Encouragine exercise, health and voluntary work

Whether by supporting single events or making donations to sports clubs – our company provides material and non-material support to sporting activities in our home region. We get people moving and reward the great commitments of the volunteers involved in the clubs.

Social commitment

Lending a hand to others

We are fans of the social performance of many non-profit organisations involved in social work. Our utmost appreciation goes to volunteer workers – and we are also prepared to provide financial support for projects with clear planning and meaningful goals. For example, we sponsor the Kindernothilfe charity and have been contributing to a children's home in Badacin for many years.

We also have our own social projects: As part of their training, our LAMILUX apprentices provide volunteer services for the community, for example in cooperation with the Hochfranken Diakonie multi generational house in Rehau.

Our networks

We are involved in numerous networks in the region and beyond

Strunz foundation

For our region and its offspring

Our Mission

Our support


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We appreciate every donation, as it allows us to collectively engage in youth development in the region of Hochfranken.

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