LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100

Glass Skylight for administrative or residential buildings, schools or industry

Benefits at a glance

Glass Skylight F100


Energy efficiency

  • Available in double or triple glazing, toughened safety glass (TSG) on the outside and laminated safety glass (LSG) on the inside (LSG can be fitted with a clear or matt-light film) with Ug-values of 1.1 to 0.7 W/m²K
  • Structure completely free of thermal bridges with a Uw-value between 1.3 and 1.0 W/m²K, depending on the glazing (as per EN ISO 10077-1 for a reference element measuring 120cm x 120cm)
  • Thermally insulated, jointless GRP upstand, with a height of 15, 30, 40 or 50cm, with U-values of 0.5 W/m²K to 0.9 W/m²K (depending on the characteristics)
  • Outstanding air-tightness due to the new double balloon sealing system: Performance class 4 – tested in accordance with EN 12207
  • Thermally optimised structural attachment, such as a thermally insulated base flange
  • Life-cycle assessment made easy: There is a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration for the Glass Skylight F100 in accordance to ISO EN 15804

Comfort & Design

  • Farewell to dirty edges: The newly designed frame profile has a smooth transition between the glazing and the frame, allowing rainwater to run off without any obstructions
  • The new chain drive technology complies with protection class IP 54 and allows easy opening for ventilation purposes
  • Chain drive – concealed from view and equipped with new, IP 54-rated technology
  • Our Glass Skylight F100 is BIM-ready – Download at
  • Generous daylight incidence and lasting clear views due to scratchproof glazing
  • Extra convenience, if required, with structural mounts for membrane roofs, prepared at the factory
  • Optimised sound insulation and minimised rain noise due to special glazing (Rwp = 38 dB)
  • White, silk-matt appearance inside – no additional drywall construction required
  • Optional connection to comfort control unit with wireless remote controls
  • Sun protection inside and outside (optional)


  • Tested watertightness, even in high wind speeds (driving rain impermeability, in accordance with EN 12208, Class E 1500)
  • Very high load-bearing capacity due to optimised profiles 
  • Approved fall-through protection
  • Excellent stability under wind and snow loads
  • UV-resistant edge bond


  • The first building approved glass skylight in “Structural Glazing” design – certified by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik, DIBt) in Berlin
  • Condensation resistant between glass panels, due to thermally decoupled edge bond, unlike plastic domes
  • Preventive fire protection: Compliance with DIN 18234 – to prevent fire spread on the roof without additional measures such as gravel fill
  • Can be used as a SHEV system in staircases
  • Delivery of Glass Skylight F100 completely pre-assembled on the upstand 
  • Resistance to external fire exposure from flying sparks and radiant heat with classification B,roof(t1) according to DIN EN 13501-5

Product configurator

Create an individual product variant, guided by a dynamic dialog with 3D preview in real time. Then share, request with one click or download BIM objects, 2D and 3D CAD models, images, dimensional drawings or data sheets in the desired file format.

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With BIM or without – the PDF data sheet with all technical properties including active 3D model, dimensional drawing and link back to configuration is the ideal all-in-one document of your desired product variant. Generate it yourself now 24/7.


Glass Skylight F100


ValuesDouble insulating glazingTriple insulating glazing
Ug - valueca. 1,1 W/(m²/K)ca. 0,7 W/(m²/K)
Energy transmissionca. 57 %ca. 51 %
Sound insulationca. 38 dBca. 39 dB
Light transmissionca. 80 %ca. 72 %
  • The first building approved glass skylight in “Structural Glazing” design – certified by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik, DIBt) in Berlin
  • Optional opalescent thermal protection insulating glazing with matt-light film
  • Outer pane made of toughened safety glass as standard

Available sizes

Order sizes (upper roof edge dimensions)  
  60 / 60 cm90 / 145 cm 
  60 / 90 cm100 / 100 cm 
  60 / 120 cm100 / 150 cm 
  70 / 135 cm120 / 120 cm 
  80 / 80 cm120 / 150 cm 
  80 / 150 cm125 / 125 cm 
  90 / 90 cm140 / 140 cm 
  90 / 120 cm150 / 150 cm 

LAMILUX upstands

The perfect connection for a wide range of roof types

LAMILUX jointless GRP upstand

  • Available with upstand heights of 15, 30, 40 and 50 cm
  • Seamless upstand
  • Complies with DIN 18234 without additional measures
  • Element pre-mounted on the upstand, ex works

5 degrees inclination in renovation case

For renovations of roof surfaces with low inclination, a gradient for water drainage should be artificially created for skylights. For our LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100 a specially manufactured adapter frame now provides the possibility to subsequently create a 5 degree inclination. It can be adapted to every existing substructure and is already completely pre-assembled with the glass skylight when the flat roof window arrives at the construction site.

Connection technology used in LAMILUX upstands

Upstand connection details

LAMILUX Staircase smoke extraction

The simple alternative for staircases


Glass Skylight F100

Ventilation units

The following models are available, depending on the size:

Internal & external sun protection


  • Can be retrofitted

Shadow glazing package:

  • Upper section fitted with TSG and internal sun protection
  • Double insulating glazing TSG with a Ug-value of approx. 1.1 W/(m²K) or
  • Triple insulating glazing TSG with a Ug-value of approx. 0.7 W/(m²K)

“SMART HOME” control package

  • Convenient remote system for controlling ventilation and shading motors
  • Additional motors can be added
  • Simple, remote controlled manual operation
Basic setPossible expansions
Remote controlled manual operationWind- and rain monitoring
TimerOutdoor temperature monitoring
Automatic ventilation according to indoor temperatureApp control
Control of sun protection 


Technical Details

Glass Skylight F100

Construction Details

Energy efficiency

The Glass Skylight F100 offers complete and optimal thermal insulation in a single compact unit  which is free of thermal bridges. The Uw-value of 1.3 to 1.0 W/m²K is calculated according to EN ISO 10077-1 for a reference element measuring 120cm x 120cm and is dependent on the type of glazing selected.

Isotherms – thermal protection made visible

Optimised isothermal lines for consistent thermal insulation zones without any weak spots provide superior thermal protection in all sections throughout the structure, presenting evidence of optimum energy efficiency. LAMILUX calls this thermal bridge-free product concept

TIP – Totally Insulated Product


Glass Skylight F100

Glass Skylight F100

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Glass Skylight F100

Assembly instruction


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Glass Skylight F100



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Glass Skylight F100

3D Assembly instruction


Glass skylight



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Environmental Product Declaration


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