LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus

The world’s first passivhaus certified continuous rooflight

Benefits at a glance

Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus​

Certified energy efficiency

  • The world’s first Passivhaus certified Continuous Rooflight system
  • Passivhaus efficiency class – phB
  • Heat transmission coefficient (USK): 0.95 W/(m²K)
  • Overall system with flawless isothermal lines and free of thermal bridges
  • Thermal performance values calculated based on DIN EN ISO 10077-1 and 10077-2
  • Life cycle assessment made easy: There is a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration for the Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus​ in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 (EPD - modules A1 - D) 

Stability and security

  • The world’s first Continuous Rooflight with certified watertightness in heavy rain and during storms (DRI 3,0 m²/s)
  • Based on European Technical Approval ETA-09-0374
  • Complies with European standards regarding snow and wind loads
  • Thermal protection properties tested in accordance with ETAG 010
  • Watertightness tested in accordance with ETAG 010
  • Burn-through safety verified in accordance with DIN 18234-3
  • Melt-out verified in accordance with DIN 18230-1
  • Permanent fall-through protection grid


Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus

Technical details

Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus

Energy efficiency

Dynamic torque control – DTC

Active expansion absorber (AEA)

Isothermal load converter (ITL)

Linear burn-through protection – LBP

Structural attachment

  • Roof mounting variants include mounting on steel sheeting upstands, on wooden trusses or reinforced concrete upstand beams
  • Stability is of primary concern with LAMILUXs’ own steel sheet upstands; LAMILUX complies with the requirements of the German Institute for Building Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik), according to which sheet steel upstands must be manufactured using high steel grades S 280 GD + Z 275 or S 320 GD + Z 275
  • Connection details: Sandwich roof in accordance with IFBS guidelines


Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus

Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus

Passivhaus certificate