Composites combines functional vehicle construction with good-looking designs

Shielded behind the privacy of four walls, a motorhome provides a four-wheeled home of your own with a cosy bed, your own kitchen and bathroom – whether you are camping over the weekend or travelling the globe. Above all, a caravan must combine the following: Functionality and homeliness. This is ensured by glass fibre-reinforced plastics from LAMILUX Composites. They are used in a range of applications as face sheets for sandwich panels or as sheets in the caravan industry. Used in side walls, roofs, doors, in curved applications, as flooring or as interior wall cladding, LAMILUX composites provide support to the caravan in overcoming the challenges of everyday life.

Functional vehicle construction creates stability

Mobile or motorhomes cover many miles during their lifetimes and are exposed to a wide variety of influences along the way. For this reason, it is essential that high-quality materials are used in their roofs and walls. LAMILXU X-treme is especially well-suited for the extreme conditions to which roofs and side walls are exposed. Thanks to the material's high fibre content, this particularly robust composite ensures optimum impact resistance, good resistance to UV light, weathering and corrosion as well as resistance to hail. LAMILUX X-treme also combines low mass per unit area with high stability. When used in a caravan, LAMILUX Composites sheets help to keep the weight of the vehicle to a minimum, save fuel and thus provide great potential for lightweight construction.   

Individual design ensures a sophisticated look

Of course, the mobile home needs to be externally hard-wearing, but also look good. because a holidaymaker's temporary home should have some visual appeal too. The LAMILUX HG 4000 provides that special look. The smooth surface gives the shell of the caravan an attractive appearance. In addition, the composite material also has a practical benefit: Sealed with a gelcoat layer, this makes the motorhome weather and UV resistant.
Home on four wheels also means a retreat for campers. This is why the interior design of the caravan also plays a crucial role. With LAMIfoamtex, the design options for interior fittings are endless. The composite material is based on a fibre-reinforced plastic, whereby the soft touch can be adapted according to your preferences for different areas. In addition, the three-dimensional structure of the material has a positive effect on the interior acoustics: Voices sound softer and more pleasant, external sounds are insulated and the space feels as cosy as your own home.

All-round protection against dirt and moisture

Over time, moisture, heat and dirt also affect the caravan and, in particular, the conventionally installed flooring laminates. The composite floor by LAMILUX is the smart solution to such problems in caravans. Here, the PVC top layer is incorporated directly into the composite plastic and is permanently bonded with the carrier material. The direct bond between the PVC and the fibre-reinforced carrier material by LAMILUX also eliminates the need for the additional layer of glue, which also reduces weight and streamlines production.

LAMILUX Anti Slip is a glass fibre-reinforced laminate with an effective, abrasion-resistant anti-slip coating. This property is particularly advantageous for use as flooring in the load space or as a ramp of a caravan. LAMILUX Composites can thus be used to prevent damage caused by luggage or provisions slipping around and causing further damage as a result. The AntiSlip Style version is a visually appealing alternative.

LAMILUX offers an all-round package for functional vehicle construction and visual design advantages in the caravan sector. The GRP manufacturer transforms mobile homes into safe homes on four wheels and its durable, stable, sophisticated products ensure a relaxed, worry-free camping trip.

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