Embossed: GRP with glossy surface structure

It looks attractiv and is also easy to clean: really quite promising for a wall material. The glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) LAMILUX Embossed can be used as a material for walls and roofs of commercial vehicles or caravans and much more.

Where food is transported or stored hygienically and cooled, LAMILUX Embossed is a suitable design material for internal walls of transporters of refrigerated warehouses. Despite the embossed surface, the material is very easy to clean from dirt and germs, such as with pressure cleaners. LAMILUX also offers the option to seal the product with a gelcoat layer that actively kills bacteria. This product variant is called LAMILUX Embossed Gelcoat AntiBac

The material also forgives slight impacts without damaging the wall and the embossed surface also hides more minor visual dents. Thanks to this robustness, the Embossed material can also be use as skirting protection in heavily exposed wall areas of the utility vehicle. 

Another product variant is LAMILUX Embossed flex pebble. It is used in the external wall area and is especially flexible. The UV and weather-resistant material shows its qualities in caravans with alcoves or other curves especially.

In addition to the standard colours and sizes, LAMILUX also makes the material according to customer-specific colour requirements, dimensions and thicknesses of 1.2 to 4.5 millimetres, so that the best possible product is used for every application situation. 

The benefits of GRP

In general, GRP is a lightweight construction material, which is used in the automotive industry for its weight-saving properties. It is easy to use, as it is supplied to manufacturers of caravans, commercial vehicles or buses as a ready composite material in large rolls or sheets. In multilayer composites especially, this saves a lot of time and money in processing as LAMILUX anticipates some of the process steps with it multifunctional products. The manufacture of continuous flat sheeting also has a knock-on effect on the lifetime of the products: All material components are combined in such a way to prevent the colour from peeling off or the woodgrain foil from detaching later on. 

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