Innovations in the LAMILUX World

Building smoke extraction and LAMILUX MS78 modular glass skylight can be experienced digitally

LAMILUX World is a virtual showroom where customers can immerse themselves online in the broad product range of the daylight system manufacturer. Now the virtual world has been expanded to include the new area of building smoke extraction. The new product LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 can also be examined more closely while exploring the virtual area.

With the help of information boards, explanatory videos, reference objects, technical details and object images, the individual areas and products in the LAMILUX World are made tangible and clearly explained to those interested.

Smoke extraction from large buildings and storage areas

LAMILUX World consists of the LAMILUX Campus, urban and industrial buildings and, since recently, the LAMILUX Building Smoke Evacuation division. In four different building types, interested visitors can get to know integral building smoke extraction and all system-relevant components that ensure safety in the event of a fire. In the LAMILUX Arcades, visitors to the virtual world can learn all about smoke extraction for large projects and storage areas. 
A second, multi-storey building focuses on staircase smoke extraction with an emphasis on the smoke differential pressure system, or RDA for short. A third area illustrates the smoke extraction and ventilation of underground garages, and the "Planning Office and Switchgear Construction" building provides an insight into the range of services and construction project phases. In addition, an exemplary system diagram and planning support can be found there. With the integration of integral building smoke extraction into the virtual showroom, the complete product portfolio and all services of LAMILUX are fully covered. 

The best of both worlds - LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78

Since August, the new product, the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78, has been available, which combines glass roof innovations with proven daylight solutions: the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78, which has the motto "The best of both worlds". This world first has also been integrated into the LAMILUX World. In the School section (Urban Buildings), click on the building to fly directly to the new glass roof innovation. Once inside the school, a drone video and images of the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 await visitors. Through Augmented Reality (AR), it is also possible for interested parties to experience the product innovation as a 3D model on mobile devices by scanning a QR code. Furthermore, the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 was also integrated on a podium in the product showroom, which is located on the LAMILUX World campus.

Strengthening the digital customer experience

LAMILUX World is a virtual platform in which the complete product range of the daylight system manufacturer LAMILUX is presented digitally in a 3D view via the browser and LAMILUX skylights can be experienced in various usage and installation scenarios. All visitors can click independently through the product world and find various information boards with technical product details, videos of reference objects as well as product and object images in each building, regardless of whether it is a logistics or factory hall, school, daycare centre, residential building or arcades.

But that's not all: the virtual world also presents the values of LAMILUX as a quality and innovation leader and fourth-generation family-run company. On the LAMILUX Campus, an exhibition of the company history with all milestones from the founding of the company in 1909 to the present day awaits interested visitors. The building also houses a cinema and the product showroom, which vividly presents the entire LAMILUX product portfolio.

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