LAMILUX AntiBac helps protect Covid-19 patients

In the light of the expected further increase in Covid-19 patients, arrangements are being made everywhere to ensure that there are enough hospital beds available for the sick. More and more large indoor spaces such as exhibition halls and event venues are currently being converted for medical use, meaning partition walls are needed in large numbers to divide spaces. When setting up such care centres, one thing is vitally important to ensure ideal conditions: maximum hygiene and safety assured by sterile surfaces. The time-tested composite material LAMILUX AntiBac and its anti-bacterial effect will provide enormous benefit in such places. As a self-disinfecting surface, LAMILUX AntiBac will help hospitals and temporary accommodation for Covid-19 treatment to remain hygienically clean and safe.

Surface actively provides hygienic safety

Panels featuring LAMILUX GRP material as face sheets are eminently suitable for areas with strict hygiene requirements. The fibre-reinforced polymer LAMILUX AntiBac contains certified silver nanoparticles. This material ensures even multidrug-resistant germs die within a few hours on its surface and prevents new, critical germ masses from forming in a way that no other material can. As a result, additional hygiene risks are minimised for patients who are already severely weakened by Covid-19.

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