LAMILUX AntiBac receives the official recommendation of the BVLK

News from LAMILUX Composites GmbH Business Unit Building & Construction

The Federal Association of Food Inspectors Germany e. V. (BVLK) has officially recommended the innovative material LAMILUX AntiBac. This recognition underscores the outstanding hygienic properties of the material and confirms its effectiveness in the field of food processing.

LAMILUX AntiBac, a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) with innovative antibacterial technology, has established itself as a pioneering material for hygienically demanding applications. The BVLK's recommendation specifically highlights the exceptional antibacterial properties of the material, which, utilizing silver ions, enables an extraordinarily effective reduction of germs and bacteria on the entire product surface. This effectiveness is particularly crucial in environments where the highest hygiene standards are required, such as in the food industry, healthcare, or other sensitive areas.

The glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) LAMILUX AntiBac is utilized in the construction industry as an advanced wall cladding material. In this application, its usage impresses with the skillful combination of numerous outstanding technical features, including optimal hygiene standards meeting the HACCP standard, exceptional durability, and easy handling. Simultaneously, the material's design stands on par with these technical attributes. The BVLK emphasizes in its recommendation the substantial benefits that arise from using the material as wall cladding. Notably, the continuous effect of the AntiBac technology enables constant self-disinfection of room surfaces, providing users with the highest safety.

Alexander Hoier, the Head of the Business Unit Building & Construction at LAMILUX Composites GmbH, expresses delight at the recognition by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors Germany e. V.: "We are proud that our material contributes to creating a safe and healthier environment in various industries. The BVLK's recommendation is a confirmation of our efforts and strengthens our LAMILUX AntiBac as a reliable and effective material for hygienic applications."

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