LAMILUX Composites at Motorhome and Caravan Show Birmingham

Overwhelming interest in the new GRP side wall material LAMILUX Sunsation® for caravans and motorhomes

From 17 to 22 october 2023, motorhomers from all over the world convened once again one of the leading trade fair for mobile travel, Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham. Visitors also included the manufacturer of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), LAMILUX Composites, from Germany. Visitors marvelled at the usual GRP solutions for the floor or roof area, but they were most impressed with this year’s trade fair highlight: LAMILUX Sunsation® - the most colour and gloss-resistant GRP in the world.

Europe’s leading manufacturer of fibre-reinforced composites, LAMILUX Composites, presents LAMILUX Sunsation®, the world’s most UV-resistant GRP sheet and one of the most revolutionary developments in the world of glass fibre-reinforced plastics.

Motorhomes and Caravans with LAMILUX Sunsation® in Hall 20

Visitors to the show were also able to see vehicles equipped with LAMILUX Sunsation® for the first time. Erwin Hymer Group UK Ltd. are so convinced of the world innovation LAMILUX Sunsation® that several vehicles were exhibited in Hall 20.

What does LAMILUX Sunsation® offer the caravan manufacturer? One thing above all: happy and satisfied customers.

The 2,000% higher UV-resistance compared to standard gelcoats makes the vehicle side wall extremely colour fast, with excellent gloss retention, maintaining its brand-new look even after years in the sun. This significantly strengthens the respective brand image of the caravan manufacturer, while vehicle users are delighted that their investment looks like new for a very long time. The ultimate plus: LAMILUX Sunsation® significantly reduces the care requirements of exterior applications. Surfaces with extreme gloss retention no longer need to be waxed for preventive protection or subsequent repair. In figures, this means:  90 percent less effort and expense for waxing, thanks to the use of LAMILUX Sunsation®. The resulting, higher resale value of the vehicle rounds off the benefits.

Just ask a reputable dealer

"LAMILUX Sunsation® is not a polish, cream or wax, but an UV protection technology that is firmly integrated into the GRP material. This means that nothing has to be applied at a later stage. Please ask your dealer or manufacturer about LAMILUX Sunsation®," says Senior Product Manager Sascha Oswald.

LAMILUX Sunsation® - The all-rounder in the sun

Want more than just the world’s best UV resistance? No problem. LAMILUX Sunsation's® innovative technology can be combined with almost all LAMILUX products. Whether it’s the most sophisticated look, the highest impact resistance and damage tolerance or the lightest in lightweight construction: LAMILUX Sunsation®, the new GRP standard in the sun, is perfectly equipped for any external application, no matter how demanding.

Participation at Motorhome and Caravan Show Birmingham – a resounding success

"We were literally overwhelmed at the trade fair, and the interest in our new GRP side wall material LAMILUX Sunsation® is tremendous. This reinforces our view that our LAMILUX Sunsation® can revolutionise the market requirements for durable vehicle exteriors. We are very proud that we can now offer such great and revolutionary product quality to our customers, the global caravan manufacturers. It was also very important for us to talk to the actual vehicle users and to carry out awareness-raising work, so that when purchasing a new vehicle, the buyer now also has the option to choose LAMILUX Sunsation®. In short: the trade fair was a great success for us," says Marketing Manager Markus Bächer, summing up the participation at the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham.

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