LAMILUX Composites protect packages and vehicles

Energy efficient and safe Last-mile logistics thanks to GRP

Online trade is booming and the number of delivery vehicles on the road increases every year. For the lucky recipients of the packages, one thing counts above all: Goods must arrive undamaged and on time. Glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) help with the first requirement. Installed in last-mile vehicles, GRP ensures that the goods arrive safely at their destination and that the fleet is as energy-efficient as possible.

Glass fibre reinforced plastics from LAMILUX Composites are suitable equipment for safe and durable delivery vehicles and are capable of withstanding extremely high loads. Thanks to their low weight and high stability, GRP products are perfectly suited for all areas of application, whether interior or exterior roof and wall cladding as well as for flooring.

X-treme safe journey

Scratching branches from chafing shrubs, stony soil underneath the wheels – this makes it difficult for delivery vehicles to keep to a schedule. This is why resistance to weathering, robustness and longevity play an important role for the outer shell of a last-mile delivery van. In these cases, LAMILUX X-treme provides stability, secure retention in road traffic and impact-resistant side walls for the vehicles during transport. This means that damage does not occur even on the wildest trips – neither to the vehicle nor to the parcels. The composite material is also so robust that material can actually be saved in vehicle construction. This makes the van lighter, saving fuel and reducing CO₂ emissions.

Protected against UV radiation

LAMILUX SUNSATION® also focuses on image, appearance, care and value of the fleet. The innovative gelcoat technology features 20 times better UV resistance than the gelcoats currently available on the market and makes delivery vehicles look like new, even after decades in the sun. LAMILUX SUNSATION® impresses in the outer side wall: Extreme colour and gloss retention and no colour difference when removing decals from surfaces: An additional advantage: the innovative technology can be combined with almost all LAMILUX products and provides a representative look for fleet vehicle operators. LAMILUX SUNSATION® not only impresses customers, but has also won three jury awards since its launch on the market in mid-2022: German Innovation Award, AVK Innovation Award and German Design Award.

Impact-resistance for all challenges

Damage to the last-mile vehicles' inner wall occurs quickly when loading and unloading parcels. The impact-resistant material LAMILUX High Impact combines outstanding impact resistance and strength and its properties protect the interior wall against scratches and cracks. The combination of a high reinforcement fibre content and a sophisticated special resin makes LAMILUX High Impact ideal for overcoming the exacting requirements of modern industrial applications – and also the final destinations of the parcels. 

Slip inhibitors in the freight room

LAMILUX Anti Slip ensures that packages are secure in the cargo hold. The granular laminate solves three problems: Firstly, the granular, abrasion-resistant laminate prevents the parcels from slipping around and becoming unnecessarily damaged on the journey. Secondly, the surface is so resistant to abrasion that continuous loading and unloading never wears out the floor. In addition to this, it also protects against noise. The anti-slip composite material is applied as a face sheet to a sandwich construction and complies with the PIEK threshold level of 60 dB. This provides excellent protection for parcels on their way to their final destination. And if the packages are delivered early in the morning or late at night, LAMILUX composites prevent noise pollution for local residents and neighbours. 

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