LAMILUX significantly expands configurator tool

Configurator for glass skylights, rooflights and flat roof exits

At digitalBAU 2020, LAMILUX introduced the pilot, and now the in-house product configurator is ready. Architects, planners or roofers can now use this service tool to configure daylight systems themselves – and download variant-specific data sheets, drawings, CAD data and BIM models.

How does the configurator work?

The planner can configure his individual variant of a skylight and in doing so is guided through a self-explanatory and dynamically adapting dialog. Plausibility checks run in the background and a live 3D viewer supports the planner in his process. That way he can immediately see whether the configured product meets his expectations and what the technical values are. If everything is configured as desired, the required product data for exactly this generated variant can be downloaded: BIM data, 2D and 3D CAD data, images, dimensional drawings and data sheets – all in a variety of selectable file formats. In this way, rooflights, angular or circular glass skylights and flat roof exits are created to measure and according to individual requirements. 

Highlight for conventional planners and for BIM planners

Those who do not plan in BIM benefit from the PDF data sheet created in the product configurator. This contains the complete description of the configured daylight system including all technical properties as well as a dimensional drawing of the most important product dimensions and a link back to the configuration. In an active 3D model, he can also rotate, cut or zoom the skylight without CD software and in offline mode. Thus, this PDF data sheet is the comprehensive all-in-one document for the individual desired variant of LAMILUX daylight systems. The planner can save his configuration via a link, share it, and retrieve and edit it at any time. Once he is satisfied with his skylight, he can request an offer or technical advice with just one click. 

Of course, a BIM planner can also use all these functions. In addition, plug-ins allow him to configure the daylight systems directly from the BIM programs Revit, ArchiCAD or Allplan, to place them in the building and to modify them directly in these programs as they progress. For these features, the LAMILUX product configurator was awarded the HEINZE Architects Darling in the category "Best BIM Offer". 

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