LAMILUX delivers a 3-in-1 solution with LAMIfoamtex

Away from the norm and towards innovation and individuality – the latest LAMILUX Composites product delivers a 3-in-1 solution for caravan and bus manufacturers: LAMIfoamtex is a triple-layered composite material that can be customised according to the customer’s wishes and product requirements, as well as having great savings potential for vehicle manufacturers.

The carrier is made of a layer of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. The soft core above it consists of a customisable foam layer that can be between 2mm and 8mm high. The desired hardness or softness of the finished material and the required level of sound insulation are the determining factors in terms of choosing the foam’s thickness and density. The topmost layer is visible to the user and is a custom decorative layer that can be made out of synthetic leather, fabric, velour or fleece. This top-quality, soft-touch surface guarantees the highest level of functionality while simultaneously offering a high standard of design. 

But there are even more advantages for caravan and bus manufacturers. Thanks to an innovative method the three layers are joined together without the use of adhesive. LAMIfoamtex is therefore considerably lighter, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable than the conventional solutions that required the customer to affix additional materials to the product, which is costly and time-consuming. A caravan with an 18 square metre roof would require an aluminium compound weighing 110 kg, whereas using LAMIfoamtex in this instance would reduce the weight to 90 kg – a reduction of roughly 20 kg. This new variant from LAMILUX is impressive due to the amount of work, time, weight and materials it saves, as well as due to its shorter processing chain. 

LAMIfoamtex is available in a width of up to 260 cm, which is dependent on the dimensions of the decorative layer used. We are currently conducting an intensive series of tests on the new product in cooperation with a Bavarian partner from the caravan industry, and these tests are already indicating that LAMIfoamtex will be a success.

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