Non-slip floor designs with LAMILUX Anti Slip

The fibre-reinforced composite material LAMILUX Anti Slip is the trusted anti-slip material for floors in logistics and transport. The abrasion-resistant surface guarantees maximum protection against merchandise and industrial goods slipping in commercial vehicles, on loading ramps or storage spaces. But it also ensures a firm grip for vehicles in rear garages of caravans. The intensity of the grit can be tailored to the scope of application - and Anti Slip even provides sound insulation for loading. 

With LAMILUX Anti Slip, costly, retrofitted anti-slip finishes are a thing of the past. In the 2-in-1 product, the anti-slip grit is applied directly and uniformly to the glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) in a continuous automated production process. This makes the material extremely robust and extremely resistant to wear even when the floor is under repeated and heavy stress. Thanks to the highly abrasion-resistant surface, there are therefore no costs or time required for repairs. 

The flooring is available in three grit levels - fine, medium and coarse - which are selected according to the relevant loading. A fourth variant, Anti Slip Style, is especially suitable for rear garages in caravans. It is even easier to clean than the other grits and it is pleasant to walk on even barefoot. Above all, however, it is a visual eye-catcher giving even the functional areas of a vehicle an attractive design.

In addition to the standard colours and roll or sheet sizes, LAMILUX also makes the material according to customer-specific colour requirements, dimensions and thicknesses, so that the best possible product is used for every application situation.

New: Even more scratch-proof with Clean Grip 

The new LAMILUX Anti Slip PES Clean Grip incorporates a special granular aggregate to withstand harsher and even more persistent loading conditions. This makes the anti-slip flooring even more robust. Its service life is extended, while the functionality of the material remains unchanged.

The weight reduction by the GRP material also speaks for itself, because floors on truck bodies and trailers are often made of wood or multiplex sheets. If the more durable LAMILUX Anti Slip is used instead, the result is a lighter flooring structure than previous designs, or enhanced stability and more effective anti-slip properties. When tested pursuant to DIN 51130, the composite plastics achieved the highest values for anti-slip protection.

Sound insulation according to PIEK guideline

LAMILUX Anti Slip is also able to achieve noise levels of under 60 dBA when vehicles are loaded, as required by the Dutch PIEK noise abatement program. When the material is used in a truck, the vehicle can now also be loaded and unloaded in close proximity to residential districts in urban areas twenty-four hours a day.

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