Safe transport thanks to high-tech GRP

LAMILUX Composites: Lightweights for dry freight trailers

Tons of different kinds of freight, chilled or unchilled, are transported from A to B worldwide every day. Safe, robust and extremely lightweight material covering layers are required for transporting goods in unchilled condition, so-called dry freight. Dry freight carriers must withstand many influences during transport and protect the goods from slipping, for example. Side walls, floors and roofs made of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) are helpful here.

GRP is the all-rounder for dry freight trailers in the commercial vehicle industry. The composites from LAMILUX, Europe’s leading producer of high-tech GRP sheeting, are particularly well-suited to use in outer walls, roofs and interiors. Produced in a continuous, industrial-scale flat sheet process, these lightweight materials provide outstanding stability, whilst also being extremely light. The production reliability, wide range of application options and consistently high quality impress LAMILUX customers from the dry freight industry worldwide.

GRP for safe, stable and robust dry freight trailers

Fibre-reinforced plastics are incorporated as face sheets in roofs, floors and side walls. Key advantages of these materials over conventional materials such as aluminium and sheet steel include low weight, strength and durability. Fibre-reinforced plastics are also highly resistant to corrosion, weathering and UV light, ensuring a long service life. LAMILUX Composites have been ensuring a leading position in the global market for fibre-reinforced plastics for many years with multi-certified quality.

Resistant to hail and stone damage

One of the greatest advantages of LAMILUX GRP is certainly its extreme hailstone and impact resistance. Thanks to the high material rigidity and an extremely low deformation tendency, this is the greatest advantage when used in the roof, but also in the outer wall of trailers. A reduction in weight of around 40 percent compared to steel and around 15 percent compared to aluminium can also be achieving using GRP. Construction elements in roofs and side walls can have a slimmer design, as fibre-reinforced plastics provide a strong reinforcing effect. Thanks to the weight reduction, customers benefit from an increased pay load, which leads to reduced transport costs and lower fuel consumption.

World's most UV-resistant GRP face sheet

LAMILUX SUNSATION® impresses built into the outer side wall of dry freight trailers. The innovative gelcoat technology features 20 times better UV resistance than the gelcoats currently available on the market, broadens the horizons in terms of image, appearance, care and value and makes investments look like new, even after decades in the sun. Extreme colour and gloss retention and no colour difference when removing decals from surfaces: LAMILUX SUNSATION® sets a new benchmark in the quality standard of glass fibre-reinforced plastics. An additional advantage: the innovative technology can be combined with almost all LAMILUX products. The revolutionary development on the market for glass fibre-reinforced plastics has not only impressed customers, but has also won three jury awards since its launch on the market in mid-2022: German Innovation Award, AVK Innovation Award and German Design Award.

Functional vehicle construction creates stability

LAMILUX High Impact features the impact resistance and surface appearance of painted metal face sheets, the low heat transmission rate and elastic workability of thermoplastic materials and thus enables functional vehicle construction in the interior. If goods are loaded and unloaded by a forklift truck, for example, there are very often impacts against the inner wall. LAMILUX High Impact can withstand this and displays no signs of damage.

All-round protection against dirt and moisture

LAMILUX Anti Slip provides anti-slip protection and soundproofing. The extremely robust resin and glass fibre composite, on whose surface a layer of quartz sand or granite granulate is applied during the lamination process, ensures that goods do not slip and thus prevents damage to the vehicle and the transported goods. The material has another great product benefit: Used as flooring, LAMILUX Anti Slip significantly minimises rolling noise during loading and unloading, thereby achieving sound insulation values below 60 db(A). This significantly reduces noise emissions and facilitates round-the-clock loading in noise protection zones. 

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