Rhein Park Centre, Neuss

Solutions for Building Automation

Essential Info

Place / Country:Neuss, Germany
Building type:Shopping Centre

SHEV Central control unit
Control Technology
SHEV Control depending on the wind direction
Staircase sets

Reconstruction of a shopping gallery: LAMILUX was assigned to conceive and realise the electric SHEV and ventilation control of the mall and the staircases. 

Freely programmable, electric SHEV and ventilation control depending on the wind 

Details and systems

  • freely programmable SHEV central control unit connected to a redundantly installed weather station (for the SHEV control in function of the wind speed and direction)
  • decentralised subordinated SHEV control units in four sectors of the building
  • delivery, installation and connection of tandem chain drives in the area of the mall (for 180 ventilation flaps facade)
  • Connection of 128 louvre windows, provided on-site, in four rotundas to the control system
  • Staircase SHEV sets for four staircases (in each case consisting of drive, SHEV central, SHEV switch in each floor and ventilation button)

Special Solutions

  • Connection to the fire alarm system
  • Connection to the building control system through Modbus
  • SHEV control depending on the wind direction
  • Priority circuit of the fire alarm system, building control and hand function