Byodo Naturkost GmbH, Mühldorf am Inn

Glass Roof PR60

Short Info

City / Country:Mühldorf am Inn, Germany
Object type:Organic Food Store
Solutions:LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60

The organic food store Byodo in Mühldorf am Inn shines in a new light. Founded almost 25 years ago, the company is one of Europe's first manufacturers of fresh tofu and tempeh. In addition, premium mustards, fine vinegars, Italian pasta and finest oils belong to the assortment of the shop.

Due the installation of a Glass Roof PR60, the sales place is flooded with plenty of daylight. The requirement for this construction project was to install the glass ridged roof with a very low roof pitch of 3°. We were able to achieve this with our tested and approved glass construction. Since the construction is based on the grid division and the wooden substructure provided by the customer, no standard size or allocation was required. Therefore, this beautiful interior view was possible. The daily circulation of air is carried out by the built-in ventilation flap.