European Schools, Frankfurt

Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Building type:Gymnasium
Solutions:Glass Roof KWS 60
Heat-absorbing glass
Ball guard system

Sawtooth roof glazing with requirement for a noise proofing value of 36 dB, non-glare, natural daylight, ventilation and ball guard system in the gymnasium.

  • Installation of KWS 60 sawtooth roof structures with a 28° pitch and heat-absorbing glass, Ug value = 1.1 W/(m2K)
  • Noise insulation level of glass about 36 dB as per DIN 52210
  • SHEV ventilation flap type SLF/SRK, including 24 V electric opener
  • Combined SHEV ventilation / control panel, SHEVS DIN pushbutton, fan pushbutton
  • Ball guard system