Day Care Centre, Frankfurt

Passivhaus solutions

Essential Info

Place / Country:Frankfurt / Germany
Building Type:Day Care Centre

Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus

The City of Frankfurt follows the trend of sustainable and energy-efficient construction: Municipal Buildings are built in Passive House-Standards. Such as the bright modern and friendly designed Day Care Centre in Frankfurt.

  • 1 Shed Roof LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus with an angle of inclination of 5° in the size 7,5m x 7,5m. VSG-glazing with thermal insulation triple-layer glass (Ug value 0.6 W/(m²K)) divided into 36 glass fields. Thermally optimized edge seal through “warm edge” with SuperSpacer
  • 2 SHEV- ventilation panel for a vertical installation
  • Flyscreen for SHEV-flaps


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