Daycare centre “Glückliche Zukunft“, Sömmerda (Germany)

LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100 Circular

City / Country:Sömmerda, Germany
Object Type:Kindergarten
Solutions:LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100 Circular

As the building of the "Glückliche Zukunft" (Happy Future) daycare centre was already built in 1971, it needed a thorough renovation in 2016. With its playful design, the daycare centre's multi-purpose room invites the children to get together. The market place or hall – as the children call the new multipurpose room – connects six group houses with each other. Due to the natural incidence of daylight, the market place remains beautifully bright. For the renovation, the architects opted for seven LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100 Circular in various sizes from 80 to 180 centimeter diameter. Through the large glass panes the children observe every weather condition.