Extremely safe face sheets for vaccine transport

Safe and secure refrigerated transport of COVID-19 vaccines thanks to GRP surfaces

In order to transport the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines in a safe, hygienic and refrigerated manner from production to the vaccination centres and store them properly there, special transport vehicles and containers are required. Impacts, impurities and, above all, temperature fluctuations must be avoided. Face sheets made of glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) are assisting with this.

The construction material LAMILUX X-treme GRP is used, among other things, as a face sheet for the internal and external walls of vaccine transport containers. This results in a surface that is extremely robust, even at temperatures of minus 80°C, easy to clean, corrosion-free and very light.

An additional option is the AntiBac function, which can be applied optionally to the glass fibre-reinforced plastic. Integrated nano-silver particles disinfect the surface, whereby multi-resistant germs die within just a few hours. The re-formation of critical germs is prevented.

Additional areas of application for LAMILUX X-treme AntiBac

This innovative composite material is already being used as a structural face sheet for refrigerated truck bodies, refrigerated warehouses and processing facilities in the food sector as well as in operating theatres in hospitals. This can reduce downtime throughout the food and cold chain.

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