Flat roof access hatches from the LAMILUX Comfort range allow direct access to the roof terrace

First-class roof access

For many flat hunters, a balcony is the "must-have". But you can also enjoy time in the fresh air in a completely different dimension – on your own roof terrace with the best view. For this purpose, skylight manufacturer LAMILUX offers a Comfort series of flat roof access hatches that provide quick access to the top. In addition, the "Swing", "Square", "Duo" and "Solo" lines not only ensure a high incidence of light, but also a good indoor climate thanks to fresh air supply. Furthermore, they considerably increase one's own living comfort and the value of the property.

In many cities, penthouses are the trend. For one simple reason: if you want to live as quietly as possible and enjoy an unobstructed view, you have to move upstairs. Roof terraces offer a very special view. If flat roof access hatches made by the skylight manufacturer LAMILUX are used for their development, users benefit from many advantages. For example, it only takes a few seconds for some of the elements to open completely and for residents to step outside comfortably. The flat roof access hatches of the Comfort series are not only suitable for quick access to the roof, but also for daily ventilation – and thus guarantee a good indoor climate at all times. They are also extremely user-friendly and durable.

Perfectly shaped design for every taste

The four different product variants "Square", "Swing", "Solo" and "Duo" are appealing to every user – due to their modern design in different sizes and colours. But they also have a lot to offer in terms of energy efficiency and safety: Thanks to an overall system free from thermal bridges, the elements impress with optimal thermal insulation values and are fall-through-proof according to DIN EN 18008-6. Processors also benefit: The Flat Roof Access Hatches Comfort Swing and Square are delivered to the construction site pre-assembled with integrated controls. This minimises errors and saves valuable time.

Thanks to its four square metre glass surface, the LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Square ensures maximum light incidence. This allows easy access to the roof terrace via a spiral or platform staircase. It takes only 45 silent seconds for the concealed hydraulic drives to open the glass element of the skylight by 70 degrees. When closed, the five-degree inclined glass surface guarantees level water drainage. With its triple insulating glazing, the element's glazing achieves a Ug value of 0.6 W/m2K and a sound insulation value of 39 decibels. The Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing also scores with these optimal values: The one-metre wide and three to three-and-a-half-metre long glass element also opens hydraulically – and folds open to an 84-degree angle within 25 seconds, just like a horizontal door.

In use nationwide and worldwide

The residents of a multi-storey building in Berlin now also benefit from the advantages of direct roof access. At Hochmeisterplatz, eleven LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatches Comfort Swing were installed. Rüdiger Elfering, technical site manager at BAUWERT AG and co-responsible for the project, is not only convinced by the quality of the elements: "Knowing that you can step onto the roof terrace and enjoy your lifestyle there at any time of day or night is something very special. That does not only increase your own quality of life, but also the value of the property." In another residential building in Berlin, on the other hand, the decision was made to install the Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Solo, whose flap slides horizontally. The LAMILUX skylights are not only popular throughout Germany: the roof terrace of a modern residential building in Copenhagen, Denmark, for example, is also accessible via two Flat Roof Access Hatches Comfort Swing.

Further information on flat roof access hatches from LAMILUX is available directly from the manufacturer at www.lamilux.com.

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