New products at the BAU 2019

At BAU 2019, LAMILUX will be appearing as a group of companies for the first time at a joint exhibition stand. The daylight specialist LAMILUX from Rehau has also had the steel and glass specialist Mirotec among its ranks since 2015 and the lighting and ventilation manufacturer roda for almost a year now. LAMILUX will be presenting several new products to visitors at the world's leading trade fair.

As the triple constellation of LAMILUX, Mirotec and roda, the Group can cover a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for daylight and ventilation technology as well as smoke and heat exhaustion on flat roofs. Irrespective of the product, a single contact person can now provide the customer with all product services and competent consultation for the entire portfolio. This corporate philosophy is also reflected in the solution competence, in-house production depth, and innovative capacity of the companies. The LAMILUX Group will be showcasing the following new products for the first time at BAU 2019:

Glass Skylight for aesthetic demands

Sophisticated design in a number of variants: This new development of the existing LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE is a milestone in the product development of LAMILUX flat roof windows. The homogeneous appearance of the skylight is created primarily by the possibility of integrating all components, such as drives or power supply units, in the frame. In addition, thanks to innovative product design, visible fasteners such as screws or welded joints are a thing of the past. Customised colour coating, custom-fit special shapes, a wide range of glazing and sizes up to 2.5 metres as well as four-sided, flat water drainage to prevent dirt on the glass are just some of the advantages of the element.

Virtually seamless integration in the glass roof

The new LAMILUX ventilation and SHEV flap nestles almost invisibly into the glass roof surface. In this regard, it is not only possible to integrate it into the LAMILUX CI System Glass Architecture PR60, but also in all other mullion-and-transom systems available on the market for flat roofs. A special highlight of the new development: The thermal engineering of the flap. Already in the standard version it features an excellent U value, moreover, it is also available in a Passive House certified version.

Continuous rooflight with rainproof ventilation

The first product cooperation between LAMILUX and roda: The tried and tested LAMILUX CI System Continuous Rooflight B is combined with the roda MEGAPHEONIX ventilation and SHEV flap. The advantage: A thermally separated continuous rooflight with rainproof ventilation function. 
The continuous rooflight is tailored for the respective building use thanks to the possibilities it offers: custom-fit glazing types, individual dimensions and numerous equipment variants such as those for increased chemical resistance and production with cooling lubricants. As an option, fall-through, insect and glare protection grids can also be installed, which are a useful addition for food production, for example.

European classification for fire-resistant glass roofs

In busy buildings, people and property must be protected, especially in the event of fire. LAMILUX has now received the European fire resistance classification REI30 for its self-developed glass roof construction. The LAMILUX CI System Glass Architecture Fire Resistance F30/REI30 construction prevents fire and smoke from penetrating the element for more than 30 minutes, thereby preventing it from spreading to other building complexes.
During the tests for European fire resistance class REI30, real conditions including extreme weather events with corresponding loads were simulated. The LAMILUX glass roof passed this test as a self-supporting construction without the need for special support measures.

VenturiSmoke VS2 - roda's new development

BAU sees the market launch of roda's new double flap: The VenturiSmoke VS2 is a SHEV system with ventilation function. The special feature: a geometric opening area of up to ten square metres and an associated aerodynamically effective opening area of up to 6.7 square metres.

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