Red Dot Award for Glass Element F100 round design

In 2018, designers and manufacturers from 59 nations submitted more than 6,300 objects to the competition. The roof skylight from LAMILUX convinced the jury of its high design quality after several days of tests and evaluations.

The design fathers of the Glass Element are Joachim Hessemer, the technical manager of the LAMILUX daylight systems, and his team. With the round element, he has "recast the tried and tested". He describes the Glass Element F100 in round design as "squaring the circle", because the profile cross-section is based on an 80 x 80 millimetre large area.  Harmony in the design of the element creates the "topology" of the radii and proportions. The selected bending radii of the profile geometry are in direct proportion to the radius of the clear roof opening and increase each by a factor of 0.05. This recurring design law fundamentally determines the design. Just like the structural glazing construction, whereby the Glass Element is handled without visible screw connection elements.

The decisive component of the skylight is the round PVC frame. Mr. Hessemer and his team tinkered with the technology of bending PVC in such a way and at the same time providing stability to the frame for months, setting new trends in modern design.

For this design concept, the LAMILUX CI System Glass Element F100 round version was awarded a design prize already in spring 2018: The German Design Award in the category "Building and Elements".

A beautiful design which lasts

The circular Glass Element has made dirty edges a thing of the past: The redesigned frame profile offers a smooth transition to the glazing which allows unhindered rainwater drainage. The glazing also guarantees lasting clear views and lets in a generous amount of daylight. The special soundproof glazing minimises rain noise and the white, silk-matte finish of the inner surface means that additional drywall work is not needed.

The innovative composite curved frame and hinge system of the LAMILUX CI System Glass Element F100 make it attractive to planners, architects and building owners who are looking for something special. It is available with double or triple glazing and is fitted on a circular, fully heat-insulated upstand made of fibre-reinforced composite. Optimised isothermal lines for consistent heat insulation zones without any weak spots provide superior thermal insulation in all parts of the structure. LAMILUX’s thermal-bridge-free product concept means maximum energy efficiency – in an award-winning design.

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