Flower auction hall, Vienna, Austria

Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:Vienna, Austria
Building type:Retail facility
Solutions:Glass Roof KWS 60
CI System fan blade M
Glass Skylight F100

After only 6 months of construction time, the new Hyundai flagship store in Vienna opened its doors. With a full-front glass façade as well as an approx. 50 m long Continuous Rooflight made of glass, a lot of daylight gets into this two-storied building. The skylight strip, which separates the existing building from the new construction, creates a showroom bathed in light. A view right from the street deep into the building is a result of this effect.

  • KWS 60 as shed roof with surface inclination 2°, length 1,25m, width 48,3m, composed of 28 glass panels, total weight 3,5 t, Ug Value: 1,1 W/m2K, Rp = 40 dB incl. 2 bent panes in the glazing.
  • LAMILUX CI System fan blade M, 5 pieces