LAMILUX Smoke Lift Glass Skylight F100​

Safety and comfort for living and work areas

Product description

Smoke Lift Glass Skylight F100​

Test values according to EN 12101-2

Sizes and values

Smoke Lift Glass Skylight F100​

 Aa-values (m²)
Inclined upstand
   Aa-values (m²)
Steep upstand with spoiler

Order size (cm)

24V /48V - solo24V /48V - tandem24V /48V - solo24V /48V - tandem

Technical details

Smoke Lift Glass Skylight F100​

Cutting-edge technology

  • Integration of triple thermal insulation glazing with excellent Ug-values
  • Outstanding, certified air-tightness due to the new balloon double sealing system
  • A fully thermally insulated upstand made of GRP; jointless and therefore 100% vapour-tight
  • Very high load-bearing capacity due to optimised profiles
  • UV-resistant edge bond
  • Smooth transitions between the glazing and frame profiles ensure unobstructed rainwater run-off with no dirt traps
  • Surrounding frame with absolutely no thermal bridges, classified as watertight in driving rain, in accordance with EN 12208 E1500 (equivalent to exposure to heavy rain and wind speed 14)
  • Complies with DIN 18234 without additional measures

Energy efficiency

The Glass Skylight F100 offers complete and optimal thermal insulation in a single compact unit which is free of thermal bridges. The Uw-value of 1.45 - 1.07 W/(m²K) is calculated according to EN ISO 10077-1 for a reference element measuring 120cm x 120cm and is dependent on the type of glazing selected.

Isothermals – thermal protection made visible

Optimised isothermal lines for consistent thermal insulation zones without any weak spots provide superior thermal protection in all sections throughout the structure, presenting evidence of optimum energy efficiency. LAMILUX calls this thermal bridge-free product concept

TIP – Totally Insulated Product


Smoke Lift Glass Skylight F100​

Glass Skylight F100

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